The Slender Man Files a collection of photographs, newspaper articles, and government records compiled for the purpose of shedding light on the entity known as the Slender Man.

Who is the Slender Man?

The description below was taken from police records in California.

File SM852035

Generalized description of the Slenderman

Tall, thin humanoid with indistinct features, with between 2 to 6 boneless arms
Torso is of normal proportion, limbs lengthened to point of mild to severe deformity
Additional arms are frequently hidden
Appears to be wearing a suit (black tie, black pants, black coat, black shoes, white shirt)
Eyes may or may not glow

Habits and habitat:
Known to be predatory to humans
Frequently associated with fog (Either prefers foggy areas or capable of summoning it, unknown)
Frequently associated with woodland areas

No combat encounters, data or projections on record
Strong enough to lift a fully grown man (confirmed, incident SM165608)
Intelligence level unknown
Capable of traveling long distances, quickly without appearing to become fatigued (anecdotal)
Possibly amphibious (tenuous, assume true)
Capable of climbing with ease

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