1986 Stirling City Child Vanishings

On the evening of June 13th, 1986, fourteen children vanished from Stirling City. A local photographer by the name of Mary Thomas managed to take numerous photos of the event, but she was reported missing that night as well. Her camera was retrieved and the photos were confiscated as evidence. The deformaties of Slender Man were later stated by government officials to be film defects. 

One week later, there was a fire at the Stirling City Library. A majority of the public information relating to the case was lost. Copies of only one of the photographs was retrieved. (click to enlarge)

Five months after the events at Stirling City, the body of one of the children turned up in a swamp surrounding a nearby town. Below is a newspaper article regarding the event.

Body of Missing Child Recovered Five Months After Stirling City Disappearance

AP, Kingston Falls - Slain toddler Joseph Pertman was discovered yesterday in the Great Swamp Nature Preserve, where passing hunters noticed his body in an unlikely hiding spot.

...Though Joseph, along with thirteen other children, had vanished over 5 months ago, his body was recovered in early stages of decay, suggesting he was alive until very recently, said Deputy Sheriff Jim Stolz.

Stolz told the Associated Press that the body was found in a state of “bizarre contortion”, although the cause of death is pending investigation.

Coroner Patricia Clark did provide comment.

The remainder of the article, including any possible photos, was missing from our source.