2008 Seattle Missing Person

In 2008, a man by the name of Nicholas Francisco went missing from his home near Seattle, Washington. The following is an article taken from The Seattle Post.

“Tall Man” new suspect in lo[illegible]

Friday, September 2008

Local authorities may have a new lead regarding the disappearance of 28 year old Nicholas Francisco, who had been reported missing earlier this year.

The King County Sheriff’s office received an anonymous phone call on the evening of Wednesday the 16th that may shed some new light on the case after nearly seven months of searching. According to an eye witness account, an unusually tall caucasian male had been spotted several times near the Francisco home during the week leading up to the disappearance. The witness described the man as seven feet tall and wearing a black business suit and tie.

Sgt. John Urquhart of the King County Sheriff’s Department reports that there is a disturbing similarity between this suspect and reported sightings of a similar man seen prowling Beacon Hill Elementary earlier this year and Shmitz Park in summer of 2007.

Since publishing the article, it appears that all mention of it has been removed from the Post's website, and we were unable to find a complete physical copy of it. However, we were able to find copies of several drawings that students from Beacon Hill Elementary drew related to the sightings of the reported man. (click to enlarge)