2004 Wichita Missing Boy

On May 19, 2004, one day after his eighth birthday, Jake Greenwood from Wichita, Kansas, went missing.

Weeks prior to the event, his parents reported that he and his sister had been doing numerous drawings, all featuring the same mysterious man. They have released the drawings below to the public in the hope that other parents might recognize the same man in their children's drawings and come forth.

The day of Jake's birthday party, his parents also took the below photo, once again releasing it to the public. It wasn't until after Jake disappeared that they noticed something strange in the photograph.

Three days after Jake's disappearance, this article was published in the local paper.

Local Boy Disappears

Wichita - a missing 8-year-old boy, Jake Greenwood of Wichita, Kansas, has his neighborhood in an uproar. The boy went missing from his backyard around approximately 5:20 PM on Sunday the 19th of May. His mother reported seeing him playing near the trees of their backyard prior to his disappearance and noticed nothing suspicious.

School officials stated that in the weeks leading up to his disappearance, he had become much more irritable, often complaining of a tall, thin man in all black. Police declined to comment at this time.

The newspaper where we retrieved this article from was torn off here, and we could find no other copies.