1987 Tulsa Missing Boy

Sometime in 1987, in an undisclosed location, an unnamed boy disappeared from his elementary school. The following is from the local newspaper The Oklahoman.

New Discovery In Disappearance of Boy

August 21st, 1987

Tusla, OK-- A new piece of evidence has turned up in the investigation of the boy that disappeared from an elementary school in Tusla. The boy's father, it was discovered, was filming his son's first day of school, and the home video footage was released to local authorities. He took his own life shortly after the boy's disappearance. No word yet on any suspects, though police are drawing similarities to the 1963 slayings in Lake Texoma. The voice on the tape has yet to be confirmed and though the film's video is largely destroyed, the audio remained in tact.

The audio recording has been recovered and can be found here, however no other information pertaining to this case or the Lake Texoma slayings of 1963 has been found.