1993 House Fire Tape

In 1993 at an undisclosed location, a tape was found in the rubble following a deadly house fire. Below is a transcript of that tape.

(Start of Tape)

Sarah: Why are you making me do this? What have I ever done to you? Why can’t you just leave me alone?

Male voice: Please say your name into the microphone. 

Sarah: S..Sarah West. He’s going to (Inaudible) you know!

Male Voice: Who’s going to come back?


Male Voice: Who’s going to come back, Sarah?

Sarah: That thing! God, haven’t you been listening to me! He’s going to come for me, and then (Inaudible.) 

Male Voice: Please speak into the microphone.

Sarah: He’s going to come for me, and then he’s going to find you. You can’t stop it, you can never stop it. He finds you, and what he does to you is worse than death. Let me go, please? I promise I won’t tell.

(At 0:50 the tape interrupts and goes silent. Sound resumes at 2:03.)

Male Voice: Tell me what I want to know, and I will let you go.

Sarah: (Sobbing.)

Male Voice: What is he, Sarah?

Sarah: (Yelling) I DON’T KNOW! (Sobbing.) I..just don’t know. He looks like a man, but, he’s wrong, yah know? He’s too long. His face, it’s just like a piece of cloth with a human face formed out of it. But, y..you can see behind it slightly, like an old worn out handkerchief. He moves so fast, God, why does it move so fast?

Male Voice: And what does he do to you if he finds you?

Sarah: I saw what he did to them. He took them, and he held them up, and they started to shake, like they were having seizures. As soon as they went limp, he would pull off their arms and legs one at a time, like the petals of a flower. And then, (Unintelligible Sobbing.)

Male Voice: Then what would he do, Sarah?

(At 5:34, a boom is heard in the background.)

Sarah: He’s coming! Please don’t let me die! (Sobbing)

Male Voice: Don’t worry, he will never hurt you again. What would he do with them after he did that?

Sarah: He turned them into something else….Something wrong.

(At 5:38 a louder boom is heard. A scream and several gunshots are heard. The tape ends with a hollow distorted electrical noise at 6:01)

The tape itself has not been located.