2009 Hollybrook College Disappearance

In 2009, a student by the name of Jessica Samson disappeared from her college. Her body was never found. This article was taken from the local newspaper.

Local College Student Reported Missing, Dorm Room in Disarray.

Wednesday, 11 August 2009. 13:25 PST.

A student at Hollybrook College was reported missing by her parents late Tuesday night. Jessica Samson, 19, failed to show up to her parent's house on Sunday afternoon. She was reportedly going to stay with them for several weeks but did not arrive as scheduled. 

"She told me that she was feeling sick lately," her mother, Catherine Samson, told the Associated Press. "She said someone had been bothering her at school and she wanted to get away for a while."

"We expected her sometime Sunday, around the afternoon. When she didn't show up, we figured there was some traffic and just left the front light on." Samson was becoming visibly upset at this point. "We woke up on Monday and she still wasn't there. We called her cell phone and she didn't answer. We even called her roommate but she said she hadn't seen Jessica since Saturday morning."

Jessica's roommate wished to remain anonymous. When reached for comment, "Patty" only answered, "I've given my statement to the police, and I've been cooperating with them. I don't know who had been bothering her or where she might be."

Jessica's counselor, Miranda Gomez, reported that Jessica had not come to her with any problems. Her only statement for the press was, "We at Hollybrook College take reports of harassment very seriously. But Jessica has not talked to me about any harassment, nor has she filed an official complaint with campus security."

The local police have reported that an initial investigation of Jessica's room resulted in little evidence, though her side of the dorm room was found disheveled, as if she were burglarized. However, Patty reported nothing missing, and her section of the room was strangely untouched.

The only clue the police have is in Jessica's sketchbook, found on her unmade bed, which was empty save for four strange pen sketches. They all seem to depict a tall, sharp figure in a suit. In one of them, the figure seems to be stabbing another smaller figure with several spikes.

When asked about the sketchbook, Catherine was too upset to speak. Her husband, Rob Samson, then spoke to the press.

"Jessica always expressed her problems through her artwork, ever since our youngest daughter Ashley died," he said. "If she never talked to anyone about her troubles she probably drew them."

According to police reports, Ashley Samson was found dead at age six on the 23rd of December in 1996 of a wound to her stomach. Detectives at the time determined that Ashley had exited her home sometime in the middle of the night and was attacked by a feral dog in the woods near her house. No feral dog was found that may have killed Ashley.

Neither Patty nor the Samson family recognized anyone in the drawings.

When asked if her parents had any statements for anyone who may have something to do with her disappearance, Rob tearfully responded, "Whoever has Jessica out there, please. We'll do anything, we'll give anything just to have our only remaining daughter back."

Jessica Samson was last seen around 10:00 am on Saturday, in her dorm room. Patty told police that Jessica was finishing her homework when Patty left for classes that day. Patty said that when she returned, Jessica was gone and her belongings were disheveled. She assumed Jessica had left to visit her parents early and didn't bother cleaning up after packing. Jessica's car was missing from the residential parking lot and has not been found.

Anyone that has any information as to Jessica's whereabouts, or of anyone who may have been harassing her is strongly encouraged to contact the police immediately.

Photos of the drawings were not included in the original article, but someone claiming to be a Hollybrook campus police officer linked to them in the comments section on the newspaper's website, adding only "they freaked me the fuck out". (click to enlarge)